Studio Policy

Studio Policy  2017-2018

1. Tuition covers 47 scheduled lessons and 2 recitals per year. The monthly fee is $65 for half hour weekly lessons ($130 for lessons twice per week). Payment is due on or before the first scheduled lesson of each month. The fee is the same whether there is a 5th lesson or a scheduled break. The tuition reserves a place for the student in a weekly lesson.

2. Lessons are offered year round with 5 weeks of scheduled breaks throughout the year. Each student receives 47 scheduled lessons per year and two recitals per year. The studio is open for holidays that do not occur during scheduled breaks.

3. Please give the teacher 2 weeks advance notice regarding ending lessons.

4. If the student will miss a lesson, please let the teacher know. When your child is sick, please have your child stay home. If the teacher cancels a lesson, the student receives tuition credit for the lesson.

5. If you would like to reschedule a lesson, please make the request prior to the day of lesson when possible. The teacher will let you know whether there is an alternative lesson time available. There are no refunds for missed or cancelled lessons.

6. Plan to arrive on time for lessons.

7. The studio will be open even when Fayette county schools are closed due to weather. If there is an exception, the teacher will notify you and the student will receive a credit toward tuition.

8. Please do not bring food, drinks, or gum to lessons.

9. Parents are welcome to observe lessons (one observer at a time). A parent is encouraged to attend lessons for beginners under age 8. To minimize distractions, please do not bring siblings into the piano studio. Siblings are welcome to wait in the dining room with parent supervision.