Daily practice is essential for meaningful progress in learning to play piano.  Students are expected to have a piano at home for practicing. Without regular practice at home, the student ends up practicing during their lessons, rather than refining their skills and learning new skills.

Parent responsibility:  Help your child to have a  daily practice habit. Set aside a certain time of day for practice. Start by establishing a daily 15 minute practice routine. Practice time can be increased as your child is ready.

A parent is welcome to observe their child’s lessons at any time. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please come to lessons to learn what the teacher is doing to improve your child’s progress and to learn what you can do to improve your child’s progress.

About your piano:

Students will need a piano in good working order at home for practicing.  An acoustic piano or a digital piano with 88 weighted keys and a working damper pedal is recommended.  A keyboard with  fewer than 88 keys, keys that are smaller than standard, with a single removable pedal or no pedal at all will frustrate your child and impede progress.